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Great article. As always, John Chapman delivers his works to the highest standard.

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Sending you some of those positive vibes.

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Great, in depth article. I know almost nothing of Franklin as I'm not American and learned nothing beyond casual reading about him. But I'm descended from two different Germanic "Altstämme", and have travelled to both Heimaten to understand my ancestors.

It's interesting that Franklin refers to Germans as a whole more often than he does to specific ethnoses of German(ics?) such as Palatines and Saxons. Did Franklin consider these two groups similar enough in their general German-ness but separate enough in the location of their homeland?

I wonder if it's because the Rhineland was the origin for almost all emigrants to America at the time. Emigration to America from Swabia, Bavaria, Brandenburg etc. hadn't begun yet.

And he would have been familiar with Saxons as one of the three Germanic groups comprising the English at that time. Also there was no politically unified German state until over 100 years later.

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